Paper Sacks

Caddy Liners

Water Resistant; EN13432 Compliant; 100% Compostable;100% Biodegradable; Puncture Resistant & PAS110 Compliant.

Svenco paper caddy liners are manufactured from 70gsm unbleached waterproof kraft paper.

This means that they are strong enough to cope with all household food waste but will biodegrade fully to strict EU and UK compost regulations.

Svenco 10L paper liners can be folded to fit caddies from 5L to 10L capacity.

They can be used with or without a caddy and easily scrunch closed to contain smells and prevent flies and maggots.

Unlike bio-plastic alternatives such as cornstarch, paper liners will not foul macerators in composting plants and compost fully to PAS110 in Anaerobic Digestion.

Paper Caddy Liners are easily recognisable by the public and collection crews so there is no confusion with non degrading plastic bags.