Paper Sacks

Paper Refuse Sacks are manufactured from kraft paper which is produced from the wasted pulp and trimmings from the timber industry.

The timber is from totally sustainable FSC certified scandinavian forests where 4 trees are planted for every tree harvested. Managed forests absorb more CO2 and produce more Oxygen than unmanaged forests. 

The paper is impregnated with a totally natural, resin based waterproofing agent during manufacture.

When processed in Anaerobic Digestion a 10L paper liner will produce 0.3p of electricity. Therefore 50,000 households using 2 liners a week will produce £23,000 of electricity (2012 prices)*

EN13432 is the European Standard that ensures that biodegradable products will not produce any harmful toxins into the soil when composted. All councils and composters insist that caddy liners have this certification. All the components of our paper sacks including the paper, ink and glue are individually certified to EN13432 and then the manufactured sack is re-tested and separately certified.

No bleaches or dyes are used in our sacks. In fact we are proud to say that we do not use any materials that are not present in nature. Also, no food crops are used in the manufacture of paper sacks.

Paper sacks are 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable and do not have to be separated from the waste in any composting process.

When composted in the garden or industrially, paper sacks have been proven to create a better and more effective compost.