All the paper sacks and liners that we supply are certified to EN13432

EN13432 is an important European Standard.

For Svenco Papperssäckar AB to gain this certificate the product undergoes stringent tests to ensure that it will biodegrade fully within a given time and that it does not contain any chemicals or toxins that could be harmful to plants or wildlife.

Unfortunately, because it is such a difficult certification to obtain, it is open to abuse and some distributors will falsely claim to have it and will illegally print the Seedling Logo on their goods.

If a product genuinely has this certification the Seedling Logo must always be printed together with the certificate number as above. Furthermore the certificate number must begin with 7P. This shows that the whole product has been tested and not just one of its components.

If incorrectly certified products are industrially composted, the digestate can only be regarded as a waste product and therefore the food waste collected cannot be counted towards the Local Authority’s recycling targets

Should you have any doubt that a product genuinely has the certification please contact Gordon Thompson at The Renewable Energy Association on +44 (0)20 7925 3570 or ring our freephone number when we will be pleased to pass on your concerns.